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Professional Scopist
for the Discriminating StenoCAT 32 Court Reporter

Phone: (352) 563-1199
Fax: 1-866-640-2041

  • Daily copy
  • Expedited copy
  • Expert witness testimony in all fields
  • Depositions in all fields
  • Videotaped depositions in all fields
  • Court trials

Specialty fields: Medical (all fields); Construction; Technical; Environmental; Engineering; Workers' Comp; Personal Injury Compensation; Trial and Courtroom Proceedings (all branches)

* Retired Court Reporter
* More than 25 years of experience
* Up-to-date home office with state-of-the-art audio system

StenoCAT 32 w/InSync
Will accept all types of digital audio (wav, dss, wma, etc.)
Word-for-word scoping with audio files
Can read notes for clarification of audio if needed
Preference Sheet utilized

Reasonable Rates for all Turnaround Times

If you're a discriminating StenoCAT32 court reporter who would like to have a communication with me about your scoping needs, please either telephone me at any time at (352) 563-1199 or email me at
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